Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What our kids what to Learn

Child always whats to play games and have fun, that is why there are children,

I asked children of different ages from 7 to 18 yrs what there will what to do these Summer,

15% said travel, 20% said just play video games all day, 5% what to work and earn money to buy some toys, 30% whats to learn new fun things, 30% don't what holiday academic lessons.

But you know it can be win win for you because there can learn and have fun at the same time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nigerian Teen Prodigy Builds Ultrasound And Bluetooth Powered Arduino Robot

Nigerian Teen Prodigy Builds Ultrasound And Bluetooth Powered Arduino Robot

His name is Elvis Chidera and he is 16 years old. If his name rings a bell, you probably remember him as the 14 year-old Nairalander who claimed to build this Bulk SMS app from scratch, writing J2ME code solely on his mobile phone. While many doubted his true identity at the time, particularly due to his uncanny hustler spirit, he has since proven himself to be legit.
So Chidera is not new to tech. In fact he claims he has been coding since he was 11 and is now proficient in Java, J2ME and PHP. He even knows a little Python. He is what you would call a prodigy.
XMX Me, Chidera’s Bulk SMS service died a natural death due to lack of funding. But he hasn’t let that deter him. Chidera has apparently picked up robotics. He recently posted a demo of his first robot, which he built using an advanced Arduino starter kit.

If you ignore the sub-par photography (he shot it on a 2MP camera and admits to his horrible photographic skills), it’s quite interesting what Chidera has managed to build. In the first part of the video, he shows the robot auto-navigating using ultrasound detectors. In the second part, he’s shown controlling the robot from his laptop via Bluetooth.
Chidera says the project cost him at least 25k, which he spent on shipping the Arduino kit from China. He has also started a tutorial thread on Nairaland to share how he built the robot.

Monday, July 4, 2016

103 bots built by school kids set 'world record'

103 bots built by school kids set 'world record'

CHENNAI: A7.50 am, while most of us were fast asleep on a Sunday morning, 103 school-goers set a world record on Elliot’s Beach. Each student assembled their own ‘robot’ within 32 minutes and 16 seconds and rallied across the sand, as per the record recognised by the Assist World Records Research Foundation, based in Puducherry. Did we mention, the youngest robot builder in the crowd was all of eight?
No wonder these kids rely on Boost, instead of coffee! The massive event was put together by Kidobotikz, a robotics training institute in collaboration with event organisers, Ezone India. And the oldest kids on the block, 25-year-olds Sneha Priya and partner S Pranavan who founded Kidobotikz a little over three years ago, were spotted smiling from ear to ear. The institute was started after the two took a robotics course in college.  “With the kids so revved up now, it feels like they are driving us forward, instead of the other way around. So you can expect a Guinness record from us a lot sooner, than later.”
Before a thousand helium balloons hit the sky to mark the celebration, the crowd of parents and well-wishers at the beach were privy to a two-part event that kicked off as early as 6 am. The first part was ‘assembling’ the bots from scratch while racing against the clock, and part two was ‘driving’ these all-terrain robots from a starting point on the beach sand. Impressively, a majority of these bots would be run wirelessly. Thirteen-year-old Aditya Sridhar said, “It was very exciting. We never expected so many people to come out and watch the event.” Aditya can’t wait to upgrade his bot, and no surprises — his favourite superhero is Ironman!